10 Natural Remedies I Keep in My Cabinet at All Times


I am a huge fan of allowing our bodies to work itself out naturally. Before having children I used to just lay in my bed, nourish my body with soups and liquids and allow my body to rest and heal. Of course prescription medicine has it’s place when absolutely necessary, but I only found myself having to use that 2x since I was 18 years old and lived on my own. Prior to that I don’t even know what my mom gave me. I’ll have to ask her and do a whole blog post about it. haha I didn’t even really use natural supplements at the time except maybe some raw honey, tea and natural cough drops if needed. After having children I wanted to be able to help them heal quicker and be comfortable during times of illness. I also wanted to do it as naturally as possible. So I learned more about natural remedies and decided to try some out to help them with the healing process. This book was a life saver for me as I was learning. You can pre-order the second edition which is coming out soon! Along with a good plant based multi vitamin and clean eating (no sugar or processed foods); these are the top 10 things I love to keep in my cabinet to use during times of illness or when we want to boost immunity.

  1. Elderberry Syrup- (Like this brand or that brand) we use this to boost immunity and treat cold/flu symptoms.

  2. Vitamins C, Vitamin D3 (The one pictured above is quite expensive, so I would recommend this or this brand which are even easier for children to take and use. B12 (There are several great brands, but this is the one we are using at the moment)- we use thee vitamins to boost our immune system. We also use the B12 on a regular basis.

  3. Muellin Garlic Ear Oil- we use this to prevent and treat ear infection naturally. Not to be used if your child has a ruptured their eardrum.

  4. Natural Vapo Rub- we use this on their chest during colds and congestion.

  5. Probiotic- we use this to help boost immunity and when there are any tummy issues. We got the Jarrow Formulas allergen free brand from our local natural foods store. I empty the capsule into a smoothie or drink for the kids. If you can pay a little more then Mary Ruth Probiotic is amazing and is a liquid probiotic which is easy to give to the kids and it has more live strains. But either will get the job done.

  6. Wellness Herbal Kids Or Golden Echinacea- we use this to boost immune system and to treat viruses and infections naturally. I don’t give them both at the same time and never for more then 7 days in a row. If you have an autoimmune condition use caution when using herbs.

  7. Hylands Tummy Ache 4 Kids- we use this for any type of stomach pain, upset stomach.

  8. Colloidal Silver- there are lots of other uses for this, but we use this mainly for skin rashes and to prevent staph in open wounds.

  9. Arnica Tablets- we use this to treat muscle aches and pain and swelling.

  10. Chestal Cold and Cough- we use this to help with you guessed it..colds and coughs. lol

**These are some of the remedies that we love to use, but I am not a doctor. Please check with your doctor or wellness team before trying any of the recommendations here.

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